Heidelberg Material's Wiesbaden, Germany concrete site.Heidelberg Material's Wiesbaden, Germany concrete site.
  • The initiative to implement carbon capture, transport, and storage at Indiana cement plant
  • Project aimed at reducing 2 million tonnes of CO₂ annually from 2030

Heidelberg, Germany — Heidelberg Materials said Tuesday it has been chosen for a funding of up to $500 million from the US Department of Energy to implement a large-scale carbon capture, transport, and storage (CCUS) project at its Mitchell, Indiana cement plant. This ambitious project is part of the Industrial Demonstrations Program led by the Department of Energy, aiming to demonstrate commercial-scale decarbonisation solutions in energy-intensive industries.

With 33 projects selected in total, Heidelberg Materials’ endeavor at the Mitchell site will showcase an integrated approach to CCUS, targeting a substantial emission reduction of approximately 2 million tonnes of CO₂ annually from 2030. This initiative is a significant step towards achieving net zero targets across the USA, marking Heidelberg Materials’ largest CCUS project globally.

The funding allocation by the US Department of Energy, contingent upon award negotiations, enhances the project’s viability, building on a prior grant that affirmed the technical feasibility of this venture. The Mitchell plant’s transformation underlines Heidelberg Materials’ commitment to sustainable practices, leveraging government support alongside significant company investment.

This development in Indiana reflects a broader shift towards sustainable solutions within the industrial sector, signaling a commitment to environmental stewardship and technological advancement.

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