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Nobot.News is a real-time news platform for the Creator Economy. Be the first to know, when we break news

Breaking from Trusted Sources

At Nobot.News, we select trusted sources and publish credible information in real time. With ethics firmly routed in the Anglo-Saxon tradition of Wall Street Journalism, Nobot.News finds answers to the six essential journalistic questions faster than others: Be the first to know who said, what, when, where, why, and how.

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What makes Nobot.News faster

Nobot.news use best-in-class generative artificial intelligence (AI), to streamline the editorial process and automate technical handovers. Our Snaps Format enables you to share and engage easily.

Nobot.News is fed with news as they happen, delivered by trusted sources. It has been launched on Jan 1, 2024 in Germany by Editor in Chief Roman Kessler, and is published by his company make-europe.com.

Mr. Roman Kessler is an veteran Wall Street Journal Correspondent, turned Software Architect. He founded MAKE Europe GmbH and is currently overseeing all publications and training the GPTs, such as Sr. News Editor.

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How Nobot.News Operates:

  • Source Selection: Our Editors meticulously select trusted news sources, typically consisting of official PR teams from various clubs, companies, or their representatives. (We are working on opening the editorial board.)
  • AI-Powered Summarization: Utilizing advanced GPT technology, we transform detailed news texts into concise, journalistic summaries. These are then published across three primary categories: Business, Sports, and Politics.
  • Human Expertise: Edited and published by top-of-the-class journalists firmly grounded in the Anglo-Saxon values of journalism
  • Real-Time Updates: Stay abreast of the latest happenings. News is updated on our feeds as events unfold.
  • Our 3-Day Newsletter: Never miss anything with our Breaking Newsletter summaries.
  • Engagement: Dive into the discussion. You are encouraged to comment on and share our content to your heart’s content.

Nobot.News is in its formative stages, yet rapidly evolving. Balancing the need for GPT Tokens each month with the complexities of editorial oversight by humans, and adhering to German media and corporate law, monetization has become essential.

We are initially integrating advertisements. However, our vision includes exploring innovative interaction methods and giving back to our community. One potential avenue could be initiating a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

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