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By Lisa Luckas (German version)

After a successful year with significant community growth in Berlin, the NFT-based Crypto Girls Club has big plans for this year too: bringing girl power to the Web3 sector worldwide. In addition to regular online events like the popular “German Crypto Tax Rescue Hour,” the Berlin girls are gearing up for real-life (IRL) appearances. According to the organizers, a networking event is planned at ETHDenver, the world’s leading independent Web3 event at the end of February in Colorado.

A Space for Personal and Professional Growth

Many workshops, some on intimate topics, are designed as safe spaces where participants can learn. With such initiatives, the Girls Club sets standards for a holistic approach to professional development in the fast-paced crypto sector.

Meeting at Polkadot

The summit of the Web3 development industry offers an ideal platform for the Crypto Girls Club to present its mission and values to a wider audience and to network globally. “We’re cooking up something extraordinary for ETHDenver and want to… turn up the heat at the Polkadot Crypto Mansion with a private chef,” says CGC Co-Founder Zoe.

Women’s Empowerment in the Crypto Sector

Promoting female leadership in the predominantly male-dominated crypto sector is a core concern of the club. Their commitment at ETHDenver, according to the organizers, is meant to demonstrate the significant influence of women in the financial sector and contribute to diversity in blockchain technology.

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