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July 05 2024 09:28:45 UTC– Stellantis created e-ROUTES, an electric vehicle co-pilot app for stress-free trips. It offers route planning, charging station suggestions, and real-time vehicle data integration.

The app aims to reduce range anxiety and provide a seamless navigation experience for electric vehicle owners.

e-ROUTES is an app for electric vehicles that eases range anxiety by recommending optimal charging stations along routes. It integrates real-time vehicle data and supports CarPlay and Android Auto.

Initially launched with Citroën, it now extends to other Stellantis brands in Europe.

The app offers intelligent trip planning, real-time traffic updates, and cost estimations for charging. It’s available via CONNECT PLUS or as a standalone service. Stellantis aims to enhance electric driving experiences, aligning with its Dare Forward 2030 plan for sustainable mobility.

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