Rohit Aggarwal member of Management Board of Lenzing Group and designated CEORohit Aggarwal member of Management Board of Lenzing Group and designated CEO
  • Lenzing Group Announces New Leadership Appointment
  • Rohit Aggarwal Joins Management Board, Set to Become CEO
  • Stephan Sielaff to Depart by March 2025

Lenzing, Austria – The Supervisory Board of Lenzing Group, a leading supplier of regenerated cellulose fibers for the textile and nonwovens industries, Friday appointed Rohit Aggarwal as a new member of the Management Board. Aggarwal is expected to assume his role during the third quarter of this year, overseeing the fiber division. Upon the departure of Stephan Sielaff, Aggarwal will take over as CEO of Lenzing Group.

Rohit Aggarwal is recognized as a strategic business economist and a global leader in the textile and chemical industries. With several decades of experience in leadership roles across Europe, the USA, and Asia, Aggarwal brings a deep understanding of international market development and efficient management team establishment. His extensive knowledge of the global textile and fiber market positions him well to navigate Lenzing’s core business areas.

Stephan Sielaff, the current CEO of Lenzing Group, will leave the company by the end of March 2025 when his contract expires. Sielaff plans to pursue new opportunities following his departure.

Background and Experience of Rohit Aggarwal

Aggarwal has a robust background in strategic development and management, having held key positions in leading textile and chemical companies worldwide. His expertise spans across various facets of the industry, making him a valuable addition to Lenzing Group’s leadership team.

Transition Plan and Future Outlook

The transition in leadership is planned to ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities. Aggarwal’s appointment is part of Lenzing Group’s ongoing commitment to strengthen its market position and drive innovation in the cellulose fiber industry.

Lenzing Group Overview

Lenzing Group is renowned for its innovation and sustainability in producing high-quality cellulose fibers. The company’s products are integral to the textile and nonwovens industries, contributing to sustainable solutions globally.

This leadership change signals a strategic move by Lenzing Group to continue its growth trajectory and maintain its leadership in the market. With Aggarwal’s extensive experience and strategic vision, Lenzing Group is poised to further its mission of sustainability and innovation in the textile industry.

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