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  • Innovative Partnership to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Enhance Sustainability

June 28 2024 07:01:02 — Rheinmetall’s St. Leon-Rot site adopts district heating, saving 800 tonnes CO2 annually.

In a significant step towards its sustainability goals, the Rheinmetall Group has announced the installation of a district heating system at its KS Gleitlager site in St. Leon-Rot (Rhein-Neckar district). This initiative, in collaboration with the neighboring SLR Giesserei foundry, is expected to save up to 800 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Collaboration with SLR Giesserei Foundry

The new heating system leverages the excess waste heat generated by SLR Giesserei’s production processes. Signed at the beginning of 2024, this partnership establishes a closed, underground circulation system with two water pipes between the foundry and KS Gleitlager. Water at approximately 80 degrees Celsius will flow from the foundry to KS Gleitlager’s technical center, where it will release heat for various production processes and heating. The cooled water will then return to the foundry to be reheated.

Implementation and Environmental Impact

Scheduled for commissioning in September 2024, this project is a win-win for both companies and the environment. Rheinmetall will benefit from reduced CO2 emissions and gas costs in the low six-figure range annually. SLR Giesserei, which previously had to cool down and release the excess heat into the environment, will also see financial benefits.

Long-term Sustainability Goals

Rheinmetall’s district heating project is a key part of its broader sustainability strategy, aiming for CO₂-neutral operations by 2035. This initiative highlights the company’s commitment to reducing harmful emissions and promoting the sustainable use of resources.

In conclusion, the installation of the district heating system at KS Gleitlager represents a significant advancement in Rheinmetall’s efforts to reduce its environmental impact. Through this innovative partnership with SLR Giesserei, the company is poised to make substantial contributions to sustainability and operational efficiency.

By Lisa Luckas

Lisa Luckas is a Sr. Business News Editor at Nobot.News.

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