The Agitos (from the Latin meaning ‘I move’) is the Paralympic symbol and younger sister to the iconic Olympic Rings.The Agitos (from the Latin meaning ‘I move’) is the Paralympic symbol and younger sister to the iconic Olympic Rings.
  • Place de l’Étoile’s Iconic Landmark Now Shines Brighter with Paralympic Spirit

June 28 2024 06:24:41 — Motorists navigating the Place de l’Étoile’s famous roundabout today were treated to a breathtaking new sight as the Paris 2024 Paralympic Agitos were unveiled on the Arc De Triomphe.

This iconic landmark, a daily visual feast for 110,000 vehicles, now proudly displays the symbol of the Paralympic Games, adding a vibrant touch to the historic monument.

ArcelorMittal, an official partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, played a key role in this spectacular addition.

The company, known for its sustainable practices, manufactured the torches for both the Olympic and Paralympic relays, the giant Olympic Rings on the Eiffel Tower, and now the Paralympic Agitos, all using their XCarb® recycled and renewably produced, low-carbon emissions steel.

Each of the three arcs that make up the Agitos weighs one and a half tonnes and measures seven by three meters, with the entire structure standing at 12 by nine meters. The front faces of the arcs are colored red, blue, and green – the three most common colors in national flags around the world. As day turns to night, these arcs will be illuminated using an external digital mapping lighting technique, making them a dazzling nighttime spectacle.

This addition aligns with Paris 2024’s ambition to host the most sustainable Games ever, showcasing innovation and environmental responsibility. The illuminated Agitos on the Arc De Triomphe not only celebrate the Paralympic spirit but also highlight a commitment to sustainability and global unity.

Update: Paris Unveils Stunning Paralympic Agitos on Arc De Triomphe

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