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  • Berlin leads in heat pumps, and varying fossil fuel use

July 08 2024 09:31:06 UTC–Berlin is at the forefront of adopting environmentally friendly heating technologies among Germany’s major cities, with 4.3% of its heating systems being heat pumps, data from E.ON new Germany “heat map” shows.

This translates to four out of every hundred houses in a typical Berlin street being heated with this green technology. Following Berlin, Hamburg has a 2% share of heat pump usage, while Munich and Cologne are nearly tied at 1.9%.

Fossil Fuel Heating Systems

There are notable differences in the reliance on fossil fuel heating systems across these cities:

– Hamburg: Has the lowest share of gas heating systems at 36%.
– Berlin: Slightly higher at 37%.
– Munich: Gas heating systems account for 40.8%.
– Cologne: More than half of the households, 56.6%, still use gas.

The use of oil heating systems also varies:

– Munich: 16.3%.
– Berlin: 19.7%.
– Hamburg: 20.9%.
– Cologne: 22.7%.

Renovation and Energy Efficiency

Structural conditions and energy-efficient renovations play a significant role in reducing heat consumption. More than half of the buildings in Berlin, Cologne, and Hamburg have been partially or fully renovated:

– Berlin: 59.5% of buildings.
– Cologne: 54.9% of buildings.

This high rate of renovation provides a solid foundation for reducing energy consumption, which benefits end customers through lower heating costs and contributes to climate protection.

E.ON updates on heat transition progress in key German cities, highlighting importance of heating changes for climate goals.

Data from E.ON Germany “heat map” shows district heating popular.

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