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Düsseldorf, Germany — Rheinmetall, the German defense technology group, said Monday it expanded its defense vehicle portfolio by acquiring the Dutch startup REEQ. REEQ will maintain its startup status within the Rheinmetall Group, focusing on development, with further development and series production planned to continue in the Netherlands.

This strategic move, completed in early March 2024 by Rheinmetall Defence Nederland B.V., marks the company’s foray into the light hybrid vehicle sector, particularly in military applications.

The acquisition brings a range of innovative vehicles into Rheinmetall’s fold, notably an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), a side-by-side buggy, and a quad, each equipped with a fully electric drivetrain.

REEQ’s unique approach to mobility merges tactical transport capabilities with a mobile energy source (microgrid), laying the groundwork for autonomous operations. Developed and produced in the Netherlands, this technology aligns with Rheinmetall’s commitment to evolving defense solutions.

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The acquisition enables Rheinmetall to address the Dutch and European markets more effectively, offering light tactical mobility solutions, both manned and unmanned, integrated with microgrid technology.

Rheinmetall said this acquisition is a response to the calls from Dutch politicians and defense leaders for industrial contributions to operational users and the strengthening of the defense industry. It also enhances the Netherlands’ strategic autonomy and positions in military electrification and autonomy on the international stage.

Rheinmetall Defence Nederland B.V., located in Ede, operates as part of the Vehicle Systems Division and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rheinmetall Landsysteme GmbH.

REEQ, established in 2018, initially embarked on an innovation project related to electromobility in the military sector for the Dutch Ministry of Defence. Since then, the startup has evolved, making significant strides in this specialized field.

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