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New automation standard for production promises faster market delivery and reduced costs

Darmstadt, Germany- On Monday, Merck celebrated a significant advancement in production technology at its Darmstadt headquarters with a visit from Robert Habeck, Germany’s Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. The company unveiled its pioneering modular production line, the first globally to utilize a new automation standard that enhances connectivity and efficiency in manufacturing.

This project, realized in collaboration with Siemens, introduces Module Type Package (MTP) technology, enabling seamless integration across various production devices. This new standard not only accelerates the production of pharmaceuticals and chemicals but also presents potential applications across diverse manufacturing industries. The adoption of this automation technology is expected to significantly cut time to market for new products, reduce capital expenditures, and achieve substantial carbon dioxide savings.

During his tour, Minister Habeck also observed the wide range of products and services offered by Merck’s Life Science sector, which supports global clients from academic and industrial sectors in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Highlighting the strategic importance of this sector, Merck recently initiated a €300 million project to construct a new research center in Darmstadt, focusing on the development of biotechnological production methods including those for antibodies and mRNA applications. This initiative not only enhances Merck’s production capabilities but also contributes significantly to the economic development of the region, promising a new era of manufacturing efficiency and sustainability.

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