Computer rendered photo of the ordered aircraft provided by Airbus (Fixxon + Dreamstime)Computer rendered photo of the ordered aircraft provided by Airbus (Fixxon + Dreamstime)

New satellite development enhances Airbus’s high-resolution imaging services

Toulouse, France – On Monday, Airbus Defence and Space announced the initiation of its Pléiades Neo Next program, aiming to enhance and expand its high-resolution Earth observation capabilities. The announcement marks a significant step in advancing Airbus’s satellite technology, promising improved imaging resolution and increased service delivery efficiency.

Enhancements Across the Board

The Pléiades Neo Next program will see the development of new satellites with superior native resolution capabilities, slated for launch in the coming years. Funded, manufactured, and operated solely by Airbus Defence and Space, the program ensures that the full image capacity will support diverse sectors such as defence, agriculture, environmental monitoring, and urban planning, among others.

Significantly, the satellites will allow for direct tasks up to minutes before overhead passes, with imagery quickly available through customer-specific Direct Receiving Stations or the OneAtlas digital platform. The advancements are expected to enhance the temporal resolution, allowing for multiple revisits per day globally, which is crucial for time-sensitive applications.

Continued Leadership in Geo-spatial Technologies

With the introduction of Pléiades Neo Next, Airbus not only reinforces its fleet of optical and radar satellite constellations but also integrates complementary services that cater to varied resolution needs and day-night imaging capabilities. The development is part of a broader strategy to maintain Airbus’s leadership in geospatial technologies and services.

In addition to the satellite improvements, Airbus is also focusing on enhancing ground segment infrastructure and the capabilities of its OneAtlas platform. This will significantly improve the efficiency of the image requesting process and shorten the time from request to data receipt.

Looking Forward

As part of its long-term vision, Airbus is exploring new capabilities based on stratospheric platforms, continuing its commitment to innovation and leadership in the aerospace sector. The Pléiades Neo and Pléiades Neo Next satellites will collectively provide unmatched spatial and geolocation accuracy, reinforcing Airbus’s position at the forefront of the Earth observation market.

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