Molsheim makes the eEconic for the Australian marketMolsheim makes the eEconic for the Australian market
  • Innovative eEconic Conversion Boosts Payload for Australian Waste Disposal

Molsheim, France – Mercedes-Benz Custom Tailored Trucks (CTT), the specialized division of Mercedes-Benz Trucks for custom vehicle conversions, said Tuesday it is now undertaking a unique project at its Molsheim facility: German trucks are now modified in France to meet Australian Regulatory standards for e-mobility in the waste management sector.

Tailored for Australian Standards

The eEconic, typically aligned with the Actros, Arocs, and Atego model series, is being modified to meet the specific requirements of the Australian market. This customization addresses the distinct national approval regulations in Australia, which differ significantly from European standards. The primary challenge lies in the maximum payload constraints set by Australian regulations, which are considerably lower than those in Europe.

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Engineering Solutions for Enhanced Payload

To circumvent these restrictions and optimize the vehicle for Australian operations, Mercedes-Benz CTT has ingeniously converted the eEconic from a single to a dual trailing axle. This modification alone allows for an additional three tons of payload capacity. Furthermore, to cater to the specific demands of handling waste containers in Australia, the eEconic’s wheelbase has been extended from the standard four meters to 4.6 meters, enhancing its operational efficiency.

A Commitment to Electrified Waste Management

This project, involving a total of ten eEconic vehicles destined for the Australian market, represents a significant stride in integrating e-mobility into waste management services. By tailoring the eEconic to meet Australian standards, Mercedes-Benz demonstrates its commitment to providing innovative, environmentally friendly solutions in various global markets.

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