The language learning app for DHL Group employeesThe language learning app for DHL Group employees
  • International Acclaim for DHL Group’s Education Initiative

Bonn, Germany – DHL Group said Tuesday its innovative language learning app has clinched the prestigious World Summit Award Germany in the Learning & Education category.

This accolade catapults the project, a collaborative effort between the Post & Parcel Germany division and educational provider LinguaTV, into the global arena, vying for the esteemed WSA Global Award of the United Nations.

Empowering Employees through Language Mastery

Specifically designed to aid employees in the delivery department and beyond, the app addresses the critical need for language proficiency in German or English. This tool is not just a means of communication; it’s a bridge to professional development and integration within the workforce.

Accessibility and Customization: Key to Success

The application stands out for its accessibility and personalization. Free of charge and available at any time, it encourages voluntary participation, empowering employees to take charge of their learning journey. A standout feature is the initial placement test, tailored to identify the user’s current proficiency level and offer customized courses suited to their specific needs.

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Bridging Professional Gaps with Targeted Content

Beyond general language courses, the app delves into the professional realm, offering vocabulary trainers and video lessons directly applicable to workplace scenarios. This targeted approach enables learners to master typical professional interactions and enhance their active speaking skills, thereby bridging any communication gaps in their daily work life.

A Continuum of Recognition

The educational project spearheaded by DHL Group has already garnered widespread recognition, adding the international IELA Award 2023 and the German eLearning AWARD 2022 to its roster of accolades. This series of awards underscores the project’s innovative approach to learning and its substantial impact on employee development.

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