Daimler Truck all-electric brand RIZON: First customer deliveries in CaliforniaDaimler Truck all-electric brand RIZON: First customer deliveries in California
  • Sales Decline in Most Segments, Except Daimler Buses; Electric Vehicle Sales Surge

Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany — Daimler Truck AG, a global leader in the truck and bus manufacturing industry, Tuesday reported its first-quarter sales for 2024, showing a mixed performance across different market segments. The company sold a total of 108,911 trucks and buses, marking a decrease compared to the 125,172 units sold in the first quarter of 2023. This drop aligns with the expected normalization of the markets following a surge in the previous year.

Breaking down the sales by segment, Trucks North America experienced a slight decrease with 46,220 units sold compared to 48,891 in Q1 2023. Mercedes-Benz Trucks also saw a modest decline of 8%, selling 31,885 units, down from 34,492 in the same quarter the previous year. The Trucks Asia segment, primarily influenced by weaker Asian markets, reported sales of 28,457 units, a notable decrease from 40,210 in Q1 2023.

In contrast, Daimler Buses witnessed a slight growth, with unit sales increasing by 1% to 5,604, up from 5,570 in the same period last year. Notably, the company saw a significant surge in the sales of battery-electric vehicles, which increased by 183% to 813 vehicles, up from just 287 in the first quarter of 2023.

The increase in electric vehicle sales is a positive development for Daimler Truck, reflecting the growing global demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation solutions. This trend is in line with the broader automotive industry’s shift towards electrification and reducing carbon emissions.

Daimler Truck’s varied performance across different segments underscores the challenges and opportunities within the global truck and bus market, as well as the impact of economic factors on different regional markets. The company’s adaptability and focus on expanding its electric vehicle lineup may well position it for future growth in a rapidly evolving industry.


By Lisa Luckas

Lisa Luckas is a Sr. Business News Editor at Nobot.News.

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