Pulse line dedicated to final assembly of LEAP enginesPulse line dedicated to final assembly of LEAP engines (Adrien Daste / Safran)
  • CFM International Delivers First LEAP-1A Engines with Revolutionary RBS to Airbus for Mid-Year Commercial Service Entry

Chicago, Illinois – CFM International said Tuesday it successfully delivered its first batch of LEAP-1A engines, equipped with the groundbreaking reverse bleed system (RBS), to Airbus. This milestone paves the way for these advanced engines to enter commercial service by mid-year, revolutionizing maintenance efficiencies in the aviation sector.

Revolutionary RBS to Combat Carbon Build-Up

The new RBS technology integrated into the LEAP-1A engines is a major breakthrough in addressing the persistent issue of carbon build-up on fuel nozzles. With FAA and EASA certifications granted in 2023, the RBS substantially reduces the frequency of on-wing fuel nozzle replacements, thus easing maintenance burdens for airlines. As the RBS system becomes fully integrated across the fleet, CFM anticipates that fuel nozzle replacements will typically only be necessary during performance restoration shop visits.

Efficient Retrofitting for Enhanced Fleet Performance

In a move to bolster the efficiency of both existing and new aircraft, CFM International has ensured that the RBS hardware is not only installable in new engines but can also be retrofitted in the current LEAP-1A fleet. This retrofitting process, achievable on-wing in a mere ten hours, demonstrates CFM’s dedication to operational convenience and reduced aircraft downtime. Availability of this transformative hardware is expected to commence in the second quarter of this year.

Expansion of RBS Technology to LEAP-1B Engines

Following the successful implementation in the LEAP-1A series, CFM International is set to extend the RBS innovation to its LEAP-1B engines, reinforcing its commitment to leading-edge technological advancements in aviation.

A New Era in Aviation Engine Maintenance

The integration of the RBS into CFM International’s engines marks a pivotal shift in the realm of aviation technology. This development is set to herald a new era in engine maintenance, characterized by unparalleled efficiency, diminished operational costs, and improved environmental performance through reduced carbon deposition.

By Lisa Luckas

Lisa Luckas is a Sr. Business News Editor at Nobot.News.

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