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I was the author of an SZ article about a niche market, the crypto economy. I have always labeled my articles in various media in the past (e.g.: 1, 2) and the SZ informed me on Wednesday that the article would be removed from the web. I had no influence on the labeling and would have welcomed it personally.

I am a solo self-employed software developer and learned the editing profession at a US media during the first financial crisis. I ran a media studio in Frankfurt am Main, from where we also did PR until 2021.

Just the facts about the study set to change German Federal Blockchain Regulation.

In a campaign from the competing publishing group Gruner + Jahr, the W3NOW study, which was first discussed in my article, was dissected this week. The campaign started on Monday with an article about the financing of the study and received a new impetus on Friday, which now also personally involves me as the author.

  • I interviewed around 50 people – from black cab drivers to crypto billionaires – for this article
  • I clarified any potential confusion proactively
  • I used a separate email address, not the one from
  • All editorial requirements were met
  • All association guidelines were followed
  • There were no economic dependencies, not even in the past

I prepared the article for you for about three months. The idea was to gain insight into the latest software of the participating companies at the central EthDenver trade show and to demonstrate reliable models with German involvement. During my research, I reviewed every line of programming code for you before including it in the article.

As described in my article in the Süddeutsche Zeitung, there are good reasons to no longer assume a solely centralized economy. As the W3NOW study shows, this is a development that affects not only finances but also your digital identity.

Unfortunately, I was not informed in time by Gruner + Jahr about the article’s publication. A Mr. Niklas Wirminghaus scheduled a meeting for me on Tuesday at 12:30 PM via a digital booking system that automatically confirmed. At that time, I was in the hospital. Therefore, I have also filed legal actions.

Gruner + Jahr could have easily found me on X (formerly Twitter) or LinkedIn by Thursday evening at the latest, I will also defend myself against the tweets on X with the Twitter names @kryptokessler and @make_rhein_main.

As of January 1, 2024, I have been running Nobot.News full-time, an AI-supported journalistic website that I developed myself. Nobot is NOT a bot and, through automation processes, ensures that breaking news is delivered to the public without personal vanities, fact-based and quickly.

This way, journalists will soon have more time for thorough research that is important.

Yours sincerely,

Roman Keßler, Editor in Chief, Nobot.News

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