Additional ground stations enhance Viasat’s award-winning connectivity solutionAdditional ground stations enhance Viasat’s award-winning connectivity solution
  • Three New Ground Stations Added to Enhance Connectivity for Airline Passengers, Including Free Wi-Fi on AEGEAN Flights

Bonn, Germany — Viasat and Deutsche Telekom are expanding the European Aviation Network in the Mediterranean Sea to improve in-flight broadband for passengers, particularly benefiting AEGEAN airlines flying to and from Cyprus, Deutsche Telekom said Thursday.

The collaboration enhances connectivity with new ground stations and satellite coverage, offering free Wi-Fi to passengers. The partnership aims to provide high-speed internet for all AEGEAN flights, showcasing the success of the European Aviation Network in delivering advanced in-flight connectivity across Europe.

This expansion builds on the existing network of over 300 ground antenna sites spread across Europe, significantly bolstering the EAN’s capability to offer high-speed internet connectivity to airline passengers. The increased capacity and coverage are expected to enhance the in-flight experience for passengers, notably for those traveling with the prestigious Greek airline, AEGEAN.

AEGEAN, known for its commitment to passenger comfort, had initially launched its in-flight connectivity service in 2022, powered by the EAN technology. In a move welcomed by travelers, since the start of this year, AEGEAN has been offering free Wi-Fi access to all its passengers, setting a new standard in the airline industry.

The success of the EAN is underscored by the fact that over a million passengers have enjoyed this service since its inception. The EAN service is being progressively installed across AEGEAN’s Airbus A320 and A321 fleet, encompassing both current aircraft and those scheduled for future delivery.

The strategic expansion of the EAN in the Eastern Mediterranean is a response to the growing demand for reliable in-flight broadband. It highlights Viasat’s and Deutsche Telekom’s commitment to enhancing passenger experiences through continuous technological innovation and network growth.

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