DHL Group Parcel Locker In SwedenDHL Group Parcel Locker In Sweden
  • DHL to Boost E-commerce Capabilities with 1,000 New Parcel Lockers in Sweden
  • Investment Focuses on Metropolitan Areas; Plans for E-commerce Enhancement and Sustainability

Bonn, Germany — DHL Group Tuesday announced the expansion of parcel delivery in Sweden through investment in parcel locker network to boost its global e-commerce strategy.

DHL is set to expand its out-of-home delivery network in Sweden significantly in 2024, by installing approximately 1,000 new parcel lockers. The initiative, part of a collaboration with partner iBoxen, will primarily focus on metropolitan regions. This expansion is a strategic move aligning with DHL’s global plan to enhance its capacity and capabilities in the e-commerce sector.

Sweden represents a key market for DHL’s long-term commitment, evident in their ongoing efforts to electrify last-mile transportation, digitize services, and introduce innovative new offerings. Furthermore, the company is actively working on expanding its parcel locker network and increasing brand awareness.

A major aspect of this initiative is improving service quality for online buyers and catering more effectively to their shopping and shipping preferences. With the e-commerce sector continuing to grow rapidly, DHL’s investment in Sweden is a strategic step towards strengthening its position in the market and enhancing customer experience.

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