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  • Extended Contract through 2032 Boosts Rheinmetall’s Sales by €100 Million

Düsseldorf, Germany — Rheinmetall, the Düsseldorf-based technology group, said Monday it secured a 100-million-euro order from an unnamed Asian automaker. This order, the largest single one for divert-air valves in the Group’s history, extends a contract that began in 2019 and will now continue through to 2032.

The unnamed automaker, which ranks among the largest in Asia, has been a regular customer of Rheinmetall’s divert-air valves. These components are integral to various engine types within the automaker’s vehicle fleet. The decision to select a 5th generation product from Rheinmetall for its vehicles underlines the high-quality and advanced technology offered by the Group.

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Characterized by their low leakage and lightweight design, the divert-air valves are set to be produced at Rheinmetall Group locations across the globe. This worldwide production capability, combined with the strong working relationship between Rheinmetall and the automaker, suggests the likelihood of further orders in this product area.

Divert-air valves play a crucial role in the performance of engines with turbochargers. By momentarily opening a bypass at the compressor during overrun operation, these valves maintain a specific rotational speed of the turbocharger. This process is an effective method to prevent ‘pumping’, a condition that can negatively impact the engine. The use of these valves leads to sustained improvements in engine noise behavior, dynamics, and the longevity of adjacent engine components.

This substantial order not only reinforces Rheinmetall’s position in the automotive component market but also signifies a robust partnership with one of Asia’s automotive industry leaders, marking a significant stride in the Group’s global expansion and technological prowess.

By Lisa Luckas

Lisa Luckas is a Sr. Business News Editor at Nobot.News.

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