KNDS' PzH 2000 of the Bundeswehr on its way to the next positionKNDS' PzH 2000 of the Bundeswehr on its way to the next position
  • Rheinmetall to supply 22 weapon systems and chassis for PzH 2000
  • First deliveries scheduled for summer 2025

Duesseldorf, Germany — Rheinmetall said Tuesday it contracted with KNDS to make undercarriages and weapon systems for self-propelled howitzers PzH 2000.

“In the Ukraine, the PzH 2000 is currently proving its reliability and outstanding accuracy,” the technology group added. The contract, amounting to around €135 million, covers the supply of 22 L52 weapon systems of 155mm caliber and an equal number of chassis for the PzH 2000, earmarked for the German Bundeswehr.

The divisions of Weapon and Ammunition, and Vehicle Systems Europe, will oversee the delivery of these components. Following the final system integration and commissioning at Rheinmetall’s facility in Unterluess, Germany, the first artillery systems are expected to reach the Bundeswehr in the summer of 2025.

Rheinmetall’s weapons technology is trusted by several nations worldwide, solidifying its position as a pivotal player in global defense technology. This contract with KNDS Germany further cements Rheinmetall’s status in the defense industry, combining its prowess in both weaponry and vehicle systems to support the German Bundeswehr’s artillery capabilities.


The procurement of these advanced artillery systems by the German Bundeswehr from Rheinmetall represents a significant step in bolstering Germany’s military capabilities. It demonstrates the country’s commitment to maintaining a robust and modern defense infrastructure, a stance reinforced by recent government initiatives aimed at strengthening its military industry. Rheinmetall’s role in this evolution further solidifies its position as a key contributor to national and global defense sectors.

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