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Launch includes e-commerce sales and boutique stores, part of a broader strategy to meet growing consumer demand for high-quality coffee.

Vevey, Switzerland- On Thursday, Nestlé announced its move to launch Nespresso in India, targeting the burgeoning premium coffee segment amid rising consumer demand. The Swiss conglomerate plans to capitalize on the growing affinity for high-quality, portioned coffee, initially offering products via e-commerce platforms, followed by the opening of its first boutique store in Delhi. This expansion will progressively expand to other major Indian cities.

Guillaume Le Cunff, CEO of Nespresso, expressed enthusiasm about introducing the brand to the Indian market. “I am delighted that we are introducing Nespresso to coffee lovers in India. For almost 40 years, Nespresso has been committed to elevating the coffee experience through its signature taste and to embedding sustainability in every part of the business. Having sourced green coffee from India since 2011, I am excited to see the brand continuing to grow in this promising coffee market.”

Nespresso, known for pioneering the portioned coffee segment, operates under the B Corp™ certification, underscoring its commitment to sustainability. The company’s direct involvement with about 2,000 Indian coffee farmers through its AAA Sustainable Quality Program illustrates its already-existing integration into the local coffee cultivation landscape.

Suresh Narayanan, Chairman and Managing Director of Nestlé India, commented on the launch’s potential impact on the Indian coffee scene. “I am very happy that Nespresso will soon be available to enable consumers, coffee aficionados and coffee connoisseurs in India to unlock new experiences and discover extraordinary coffees. In recent years, coffee consumption in India has seen a surge, with a discernible trend towards in-home consumption,” Narayanan said. He noted the recent uptick in coffee consumption across India, fueled by a youthful population eager for new experiences and influenced by global trends.

This strategic expansion not only aims to cater to evolving consumer preferences in India but also aligns with Nestlé’s global vision of leadership in the premium coffee market. The initiative marks a significant step in adapting to and cultivating refined coffee palates in one of the fastest-growing coffee markets globally.

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