Innovative curb chargers in public spacesInnovative curb chargers in public spaces
  • Innovative Charging Solutions to Transform Urban Mobility and Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

Cologne, Germany – Rheinmetall, the German defense contractor, in partnership with TankE GmbH and the City of Cologne, Thursday introduced curb chargers in public spaces, aimed at addressing the increasing demands of urban mobility and supporting the transition to electric vehicles.

A Test for the Future of Urban Mobility

This collaborative initiative will explore the integration of Rheinmetall’s innovative curb chargers into Cologne’s urban landscape. The pilot, officially launched today, will feature extensive real-world testing at two strategic locations within the city. This approach is intended to evaluate the public’s acceptance and the chargers’ functionality in everyday scenarios.

Representatives of the City of Cologne, Rheinmetall AG, and RheinEnergie AG.

Addressing Urban Challenges and Climate Goals

The City of Cologne faces significant urban challenges, including climate change, a growing population, and the need for sustainable mobility solutions. The deployment of these curb chargers represents a critical step towards enhancing the city’s electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure.

Government Targets and the Need for Public Charging Infrastructure

With the German government aiming for 15 million electric cars on the road by 2030, the expansion of charging infrastructure becomes crucial. The current lack of personal charging options for many residents underscores the importance of accessible public charging stations. Estimates suggest that approximately one million such stations will be needed nationwide by the end of the decade to meet the projected demand.

Collaborative Efforts and Vision for Expansion

This pilot project not only tests technology but also fosters cooperation among public and private sectors in developing forward-looking mobility solutions.

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