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  • E.ON to Construct a Hydrogen Filling Station in Essen, Backed by State Funding

Essen, Germany — E.ON said Thusday it receives €2.3 million funding from North Rhine-Westphalia for a hydrogen filling station in Essen’s city harbor, aiming to boost hydrogen mobility in the region, especially for heavy goods vehicles.

The project supports sustainable transport, reduces emissions, and enhances hydrogen vehicle attractiveness. The initiative aligns with the state’s goal of expanding hydrogen infrastructure for emission-free heavy transport, contributing to a low-carbon future.

The station will cater to the refueling needs of both heavy goods vehicles and cars, filling a notable gap in the city’s hydrogen infrastructure. Presently, Essen does not have any operational hydrogen filling stations for heavy goods vehicles.

E.ON’s project is not just an infrastructure development; it represents a significant leap towards sustainable mobility on a nationwide scale. The hydrogen filling station is expected to contribute positively to local air quality, reduce noise emissions, and support climate protection efforts. Moreover, the initiative is anticipated to bolster the appeal of hydrogen vehicles in the region.

E.ON’s move into hydrogen mobility infrastructure in Essen is a clear indicator of the growing emphasis on sustainable transportation solutions in Germany. The support from the state government highlights the importance of collaborative efforts between public entities and private corporations in achieving environmental and sustainability goals.

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By Lisa Luckas

Lisa Luckas is a Sr. Business News Editor at Nobot.News.

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