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  • New Milestone in Hermès’ Expansion: Maroquinerie de L’Isle d’Espagnac to Open in 2025

Paris, France — The luxury fashion house Hermès, known for its dedication to craftsmanship and quality, recently announced the construction of its new leather goods workshop, Maroquinerie de L’Isle d’Espagnac. Situated in L’Isle-d’Espagnac, France, this workshop, set to open in 2025, will be the twenty-fourth of its kind in the country, further cementing Hermès’ commitment to French production and artisanal excellence.

Hermès’ new facility is expected to employ 260 artisans, trained in the house’s exceptional savoir-faire. The workshop will become part of Hermès’ South-West hub, which includes the Maroquinerie de Montbron and the Maroquinerie de Nontron leather goods workshops, along with the Ganterie Maroquinerie de Saint-Junien glove and leather goods workshop. This expansion not only underlines Hermès’ confidence in its artisanal know-how but also its commitment to regional integration and development in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

A key aspect of Hermès’ strategy is its focus on recruiting and training artisans through the École Hermès des savoir-faire. This apprenticeship training center, accredited by the French Ministry of Education, offers training for the French CAP vocational qualification in leatherworking and saddlery, as well as CQP vocational certificates in leather cutting and stitching. Each year, two cohorts of 40 apprentices join the École Hermès des Savoir-Faire, with the next intake starting their training in September 2024.

The establishment of the Maroquinerie de L’Isle d’Espagnac is not just a testament to Hermès’ growth but also reflects its unwavering dedication to sustaining traditional craftsmanship, training new generations of artisans, and contributing positively to the local economy. Hermès, under the leadership of CEO Axel Dumas, continues to strike a balance between respecting its rich heritage and embracing future growth, ensuring its revered position in the luxury goods market.

By Lisa Luckas

Lisa Luckas is a Sr. Business News Editor at Nobot.News.

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