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  • Hermès Reopens its Enlarged Store in The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur
  • New Store Design Highlights Local Architecture and Craft

Paris, France – Hermès, the renowned luxury brand, Thursday unveiled its newly renovated and expanded store in The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

This reopening, almost ten years after the establishment of the original store, marks a significant milestone in the brand’s presence in the region. The new store embodies a spacious design, thoughtfully crafted to showcase the house’s sixteen métiers, encompassing its wide range of luxury products.

The store’s design is a celebration of the harmonious blend of the natural world and traditional craftsmanship. Emphasizing the brand’s commitment to authenticity and cultural respect, the store features an aesthetic deeply rooted in the local culture. The façade, an exquisite composition of bamboo and cane, pays homage to traditional Malaysian weaving techniques. This intricate assemblage not only enhances the external beauty of the store but also invites a sense of intrigue and local flavor.

Located conveniently on the ground floor of The Gardens Mall, the store is accessible through two entrances. Upon entering, customers are greeted by the interplay of natural light and the soft curves of the walls. Recessed ceiling lights guide visitors through the various métiers, creating an immersive shopping experience that is both luxurious and intimate.

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The interior design draws inspiration from traditional Malaysian vernacular architecture, evident in the distinct flooring and partitions. This architectural nod not only enriches the aesthetic appeal of the store but also fosters a deeper connection with the local heritage. By integrating elements of local architecture and craftsmanship, Hermès demonstrates its dedication to embracing and celebrating the uniqueness of each location it inhabits.

In conclusion, the reopening of Hermès’ expanded store in Kuala Lumpur is more than just a retail development; it’s a testament to the brand’s philosophy of blending luxury with cultural reverence. The store’s new design is set to offer an unparalleled shopping experience that is both modern and deeply rooted in Malaysian traditions.

By Lisa Luckas

Lisa Luckas is a Sr. Business News Editor at Nobot.News.

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