40mm automatic grenade launcher ammunition by Rheinmetall40mm automatic grenade launcher ammunition by Rheinmetall
  • Rheinmetall Secures Dual Contracts from Bundeswehr for Grenade Launcher Ammunition
  • Orders Valued at Over €36 Million for Programmable and Practice Munitions

(Düsseldorf, Germany) — In a market-relevant procurement move Germany’s Bundeswehr has awarded DAX stock Rheinmetall contracts for the production and supply of 40mm automatic grenade launcher ammunition, with an order worth around €30 million, Rheinmetall AG said Monday.

The deals, valued at approximately €29.5 million, include tens of thousands of programmable 40mm x 53 Airburst Munition (ABM) DM131 service cartridges. Additionally, Rheinmetall has secured a contract for around 200,000 rounds of 40mm x 53 Üb DM158 practice ammunition, totaling around €7.18 million. Both contracts include value added tax, with delivery scheduled for completion in 2024.

As a leading global supplier, Rheinmetall’s expertise spans ammunition, weapon systems, and advanced fire control and aiming technologies. The 40mm x 53 high-velocity ammunition, compatible with standard automatic grenade launchers, boasts impressive specifications. It achieves a top velocity exceeding 240 m/s and an effective range up to 2,200 metres. The DM131, known in NATO circles as the 40mm x 53 ABM, is especially notable for its airburst capability, allowing engagement of targets shielded by obstacles like walls.

The Bundeswehr’s choice of the DM131 underscores the munition’s status as a NATO-standard armament, reflecting its widespread adoption for its combat effectiveness and precision. Both ammunition types ordered adhere to stringent modern standards and are aligned with the European REACH directive, ensuring compliance with chemical registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction regulations.

By Lisa Luckas

Lisa Luckas is a Sr. Business News Editor at Nobot.News.

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