ECB seen from Goetheturm Frankfurt (Roman Kessler)ECB seen from Goetheturm Frankfurt (Roman Kessler)
  • Euro area Q1 2024: Current account surplus €307 billion (2.1% GDP) vs. €33 billion deficit a year earlier.
  • Goods trade deficit in energy €299 billion, down from €530 billion. Largest surpluses with UK (€218 billion) and Switzerland (€59 billion), deficits with China (€109 billion) and US (€36 billion).
  • Net assets €592 billion (4.1% GDP).
  • Bank interest rates: new loans to corporations 5.10%, households 3.80%; new deposits from corporations 3.64%, households 3.09%.

July 04 2024 08:03:37 — Euro area had a €307 billion current account surplus, with deficits in energy products, the European Central Bank said. Largest surpluses were with the UK and Switzerland, while deficits were with China and the US.

International investment position showed net assets of €592 billion.

Key ECB Updates: Corporate Loan Rates 5.10%, Household Loans 3.80%

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