DHL Group's logistics partnership with Vitesco TechnologiesDHL Group's logistics partnership with Vitesco Technologies

Regensburg, Germany — DHL Group Wednesday announced a logistics partnership with Vitesco Technologies to manage logistics flows in Europe from March 2024 through a center in Poland. DHL Supply Chain appointed Vitesco as their Lead Logistics Partner (LLP). This move is set to centralize the logistics management of Vitesco Technologies’ twelve European locations, effective from March 2024.

DHL’s Center of Excellence to Manage Significant Freight Volume

Under this new arrangement, DHL Supply Chain will operate from its LLP Center of Excellence in Warsaw, Poland, overseeing approximately 100,000 transport movements within Vitesco Technologies’ supply chain. This accounts for around a third of the company’s total freight volume, signifying a substantial part of their logistics operations.

Synergy and Optimization: The Core Advantages

The partnership’s cornerstone is the innovative logistics concept developed by DHL. As the lead logistics partner, DHL Supply Chain will consolidate the freight volumes of several large companies. This strategic pooling is expected to generate significant synergy effects, unlocking new optimization potentials across the board.


This collaboration between Vitesco Technologies and DHL Supply Chain is a step towards maximizing sustainability, resilience, and efficiency in logistics. By centralizing the control of significant transport movements across Europe and leveraging DHL’s expertise and innovative approaches, Vitesco Technologies aims to enhance its logistics operations, aligning with its broader strategic goals.

By Lisa Luckas

Lisa Luckas is a Sr. Business News Editor at Nobot.News.

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