Indian Deli Owner Predicted Bitcoin Surge to $60,000 MarkIndian Deli Owner Predicted Bitcoin Surge to $60,000 Mark

Frankfurt, Germany — “Taste of India” Deli Owner Nec, better known as the Bitcoin Deli, correctly predicted the sudden surge of the cryptocurrency to new levels above the $60,000 mark.

Taste of India, known as a local hub for payments in Bitcoin Lightning, Bitcoin’s Layer-2, delivers soulfood for Frankfurt’s monthly Bitcoin MeetUp @BTCFFM.

Taste of India also hosted PizzaDAO’s 2023 Bitcoin Pizza Day.

“Bitcoin is at $50,000! Maybe it will hit $60,000 tomorrow!”

The Indian Deli Owners exact words in a video message on to the Bitcoin Frankfurt Telegram Group on February, 14, 2024 (translated from German)

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Low and behold, Bitcoin climbed to new annual highs of $61,000 on February, 28th, 2024. That is a steep 22% increase in just two weeks, or $11,000 per Bitcoin.

While Deli owner Nec he missed the exact date, he said “tomorrow”, which technically would have been February, 15th, the accuracy is still higher than most of accredited financial experts.

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