Impression from Denver Starknet Hackerhouse EthDenver 2024Impression from Denver Starknet Hackerhouse EthDenver 2024
  • 40 Points: On ShotChain, users can input questions with bounties in order to get their queries answered and reward users who answer accurately and to their best extent possible. This enables a Dispute Protocol. The idea of this protocol is to incentivize people to answer questions, thus contributing to fostering the exchange of information and knowledge among individuals. This contributes to a collective pool of wisdom within the world that people can have access to with the click of a button. 
  • 39 Points: Lila Finance offers a service that enables users to swap interest rates across various yield-generating protocols, providing the ability to secure a fixed interest rate on a variety of protocols and assets.
  • 39 Points: Cypherock is building the World’s safest hardware wallet with built-in social recovery.
  • 39 Points: ZK-Hadoop is distributed system that parallelizes the matrix multiplication step of generating an ai inference and generates a proof of integrity of our work alongside it. Leveraging sharding in distributed systems, we have created a CAIRO/GO implementation of Hadoop MapReduce. In this hackathon, we’ll like to use Recursive Proving to compress our proofs and verify it in log(n) time as well as build out our verifiable IPFS.
  • 39 Points: The project Tale Weaver develops an innovative RPG platform, integrating advanced Large Language Models and blockchain to generate dynamic and personalized narratives in real time. Players influence unique, assured and permanent stories, exploring different paths and outcomes, revolutionizing the interactive storytelling experience.

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