Airbus awarded German Armed Forces prime contract for military communications satellite systemAirbus awarded German Armed Forces prime contract for military communications satellite system
  • Airbus awarded €2.1 billion contract by German Armed Forces for SATCOMBw 3 military satellite system, including two geostationary satellites and 15 years of operational services

July 04 2024 12:03:38 UTC– Airbus wins contract for German military satellite system, valued at €2.1 billion, to provide secure communication services with new satellites and ground segment for 15 years.

Partnership with German companies like OHB involved in project.

The SATCOMBw 3 project is crucial for German armed forces’ global command capability and NATO commitments, Airbus said.

The contract involves designing, building, testing, and delivering two new military telecommunications satellites made by Airbus. These satellites will replace the old COMSATBw 1B and 2B satellites. It also includes upgrading the current ground systems to work with the new satellites and providing 15 years of operational services, with an option to extend.

The new satellites, based on the Eurostar Neo platform, will weigh around 6 tons and feature advanced technology to handle increasing digital data demands. A significant part of the project will involve German companies, including Bremen-based OHB and many smaller firms, handling crucial components like guidance systems, solar arrays, and satellite operations.

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