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  • Strategic Investments Propel Van Moer Logistics’ Growth and Expansion

Antwerp, Belgium – Ackermans & van Haaren (AvH) Wednesday said it solidified its position in the logistics sector by injecting an additional €41 million into Van Moer Logistics. This investment follows AvH’s acquisition of a 21.7% stake in the company back in 2021 and signifies a deepening of their commitment to the logistics provider.

Under the adept leadership of CEO Jo Van Moer and his team, Van Moer Logistics has witnessed remarkable growth, as evidenced by its financial performance. In 2023, the company’s consolidated sales reached €327 million, a significant jump from €222 million in 2021. Similarly, EBITDA soared to €32.8 million from €14.5 million in the same period. This impressive growth trajectory is attributed to the effective implementation of Van Moer’s “one stop shop” model, which has enhanced customer efficiency and sustainability.

Key to this growth spurt were strategic acquisitions in 2022, notably the integration of Group Van Loon and Broekman Logistics Belgium Antwerp, both situated in the vital Antwerp Port area. Additionally, 2023 marked a milestone with Van Moer securing the extension of its concession in the Port of Brussels, with plans to develop a comprehensive 100,000 m² logistics hub.

In the face of a challenging economic landscape in the latter half of 2023, Van Moer Logistics remains ambitious in its growth plans. To support these aspirations, AvH Growth Capital, together with founders Jo Van Moer and Anne Verstraeten, executed a capital increase totaling €25 million. This move has elevated AvH Growth Capital’s stake in Van Moer Logistics to 32.4%.

Parallel to this capital increase, AvH Growth Capital has acquired a 33.3% stake in Blue Real Estate, a venture started in 2020 by the Van Moer and Van Wellen families. Blue Real Estate, leasing 287,000 m² of warehouses in strategic locations in the Antwerp Port area to Van Moer Logistics, represents another strategic layer to AvH’s investment in the logistics sector.

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