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Paris, France — Orange said Thursday that TOTEM deploys 5G for Paris metro Line 15 South, connecting stations and tunnels by 2025, a technical challenge due to high density and thick walls. Indoor connectivity is a priority for TOTEM, leading in this market.

Overcoming Technical Challenges for Enhanced Connectivity

TOTEM announces its ambitious initiative to deploy 5G in Paris Metro Line 15 South, aiming for completion by 2025. This plan addresses significant structural challenges, such as the line’s high density and thick walls, which have historically hindered connectivity.

Elevating the Tourist Experience in the World’s Top Destination

The integration of 5G in the Paris metro is poised to transform the visitor experience. Tourists and locals will enjoy uninterrupted high-speed internet, enhancing real-time sharing and city navigation. This technological leap reflects Paris’s status as a global tourism hub.

TOTEM and Orange: A Collaboration for Seamless Connectivity

TOTEM, specializing in indoor connectivity, partners with Orange to leverage its global telecommunications expertise. This collaboration ensures a seamless implementation of 5G, vital for the city’s reputation in marrying historical elegance with modern innovation.

As we anticipate 2025, this project promises to position Paris’s public transport system at the forefront of technological advancement, further solidifying its appeal as a top destination for tech-savvy tourists worldwide.

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