Emirates A380 taxiing to gate at London GatwickEmirates A380 taxiing to gate at London Gatwick

London, UK — London Gatwick Airport, a 50.01% subsidiary of VINCI Airports, Thursday released its full year 2023 results, showing 40.9 million passengers passed through the airport in 2023, up 24.7% on the previous year.

The significant rise in passengers travelling through Gatwick Airport, as reported in its 2023 financial results, reflects a renewed confidence in air travel post-pandemic. For passengers, this surge indicates a return to normalcy and a broader range of travel options.

As air travel increases, so do concerns about its environmental impact. Gatwick Airport’s management is likely to focus on sustainable practices to mitigate this. As a passenger, you can contribute by being mindful of your travel choices and opting for airlines and travel options that prioritize sustainability.

Financially, the airport also showed positive results. Revenue and EBITDA increased notably, driven by the surge in passenger numbers. This financial performance underlines the airport’s significant contribution to the regional and national economy, as well as its importance in the broader context of the aviation industry.

Revenue was up 30.7%, driven by the continued recovery in passenger numbers, VINCI said, adding EBITDA at £617.7 million, was up 38.4%.

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