The company also runs campaigns against hate speech.The company also runs campaigns against hate speech.

Bonn, Germany — Deutsche Telekom Thursday joined the “#Zusammenland” Social Media initiative, which promotes freedom and diversity in society. Several other companies including Deutsche Bahn, Mastercard, Brenntag and many German media outlets also joined, runnings campaigns against hate speech.

The German frankenword means “Togetherland” and was also met with online resistance. Some in the twittersphere called it “naive”.

The initiative calls for democratic cohesion and has broad support from German industry. Deutsche Telekom said it is committed to diversity and opposes hate, racism, and fascism. The company uses its channels to draw attention to the initiative’s messages.

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The initiative aims to stand against division and promote a new kind of togetherness. It emphasizes the importance of open-mindedness, respect, and solidarity in creating social cohesion. Deutsche Telekom rejects attitudes that divide and separate and has made a public commitment to diversity through its Code of Conduct and Code of Human Rights.

Some commentators in the social media sphere met the #Zusammenland initiative with skepticism, calling it “naive” and “woke”.

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Translation: Woke campaigns like #Zusammenland want to suppress all the problems associated with the respective topic with maximum naivety. Corona forgotten again?

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