Rome buys 40 Mercedes-Benz Citaro to service commuter in the outskirts of the Italian capitalRome buys 40 Mercedes-Benz Citaro to service commuter in the outskirts of the Italian capital
  • Rome buys 40 Mercedes-Benz Citaro to service outskirts
  • Enhanced Commuter Experience

Rome, Italy — Daimler Trucks said Monday that Rome has introduced 40 Mercedes-Benz Citaro hybrid city buses into its suburban public transport system. This move, effective from 21 January 2024, marks a notable shift in the city’s approach to urban mobility. Autoservizi Troiani, the local bus company, acquired these advanced vehicles from Daimler Buses Italia, illustrating a successful collaboration between public and private sectors.

This fleet addition has led to a remarkable transformation, with 15% of Rome’s local public transport now under the operation of the joint venture between ATI Autoservizi Troiani S.r.l. and SAP S.r.l. This changeover, scheduled to continue for the next eight years, aligns with Roma Capitale’s commitment to modernizing and greening its public transport network.

A Leap Forward in Urban Sustainability

Rome, like many large cities, faces challenges related to pollution and urban congestion. The switch to hybrid buses is part of a broader strategy to address these issues, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional diesel buses. This initiative is in line with global trends towards greener, more sustainable urban transport solutions.

Apart from environmental benefits, these buses offer enhanced comfort and service quality. Their design and technology ensure a smoother, quieter ride, improving the daily commute for thousands of Romans. The integration of these hybrid buses into the city’s fleet is a clear indication of Rome’s dedication to providing high-quality public transportation services to its residents and visitors.

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By Lisa Luckas

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