Bundeswehr Skyranger on Boxer BaseBundeswehr Skyranger on Boxer Base
  • Rheinmetall to deliver Skyranger 30 systems to Bundeswehr.
  • €595 million contract includes 19 vehicles and an option for 30 more.
  • Skyranger 30 is a pivotal component of the NNbS air defence project.
  • Germany leads the European Sky Shield Initiative for NATO’s ground-based air defence.

Düsseldorf, Germany: In a significant move to bolster its air defence capabilities, the German armed forces have awarded Rheinmetall a substantial contract for the Skyranger 30 mobile air defence system. This deal, valued at €595 million, includes the provision of a prototype and 18 series production vehicles, with an additional option for 30 more systems. The initial prototype is slated for delivery by the end of 2024.

Last month, the Bundeswehr entrusted Rheinmetall and its partner contractors with the development of a system for short- and very short-range air defence, known as NNbS, where the Skyranger 30 plays a critical role.

As an integral component of the NNbS, the Skyranger 30 has been embedded in the European Sky Shield Initiative, under which Germany, within a NATO framework, has taken the lead in ground-based air defence across Europe.

Addressing a significant capability gap, the Skyranger 30 offers an ideal blend of mobility, protection, flexibility, and precision. This system’s adaptability makes it aptly suited for emerging threats in the short- and very short-range air defence spectrum. The Skyranger 30 uniquely integrates a 30mm x 173 KCE revolver gun, surface-to-air missiles, and a comprehensive sensor suite, all mounted on a single platform. The units designated for Germany will be equipped with Stinger missiles. However, the system allows for various modern guided missiles like Mistral, Stinger, or specialized C-UAS missiles, depending on customer specifications.

This acquisition marks a significant advancement in Germany’s defence capabilities, reinforcing its position as a key player in European and NATO air defence strategies.

The German government’s decision to acquire the Skyranger 30 systems underscores its commitment to maintaining robust defence capabilities, particularly in the context of evolving aerial threats. This move also reflects Germany’s active role in NATO and its leadership in the European Sky Shield Initiative. The integration of cutting-edge technology in the Skyranger 30 system enhances Germany’s ability to respond effectively to various air threats, ensuring a stronger defence posture in the region.

By Lisa Luckas

Lisa Luckas is a Sr. Business News Editor at Nobot.News.

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