a group of military missiles sitting on top of a fieldRheinmetall didn not provide pictures of its own rocket artillery, this is an open source image by Free Nomad.
  • NATO Member Procures Rocket Launcher Ammo
  • Delivery Scheduled from 2024 to 2027

Düsseldorf, Germany — In a strategic move solidifying its position in the global defense market, Rheinmetall AG has clinched a significant contract exceeding €300 million. This deal, confirmed in December 2023, involves supplying a European NATO member with multiple rocket launcher ammunition, marking a pivotal expansion in Rheinmetall’s product portfolio.

This contract also includes additional services and systems, with the production responsibilities assigned to Rheinmetall Expal Munitions in Spain. The rockets, boasting a maximum range of 300 km, are scheduled for delivery between 2024 and 2027.

This order heralds Rheinmetall’s first major success in rocket artillery, underlining its recent strategic diversification. The announcement coincides with the initiation of a new production facility in Unterlüß, Lower Saxony, further bolstering Rheinmetall’s capabilities in explosives and artillery manufacturing.

Another recent deal.

Already a leading supplier in various artillery systems, Rheinmetall’s latest venture into rocket artillery emphasizes its technological prowess and commitment to meeting the defense needs of NATO nations

By Lisa Luckas

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