Austria Awards Rheinmetall Major Contract for Skyranger Air Defence Systems on Pandur VehiclesAustria Awards Rheinmetall Major Contract for Skyranger Air Defence Systems on Pandur Vehicles

Düsseldorf, Germany – On Tuesday, Rheinmetall AG has successfully transferred its small-bore piston production operations to Munich-based Comitans Capital AG, finalizing a deal initially announced in December 2023. The transaction, which officially closed on April 1, 2024, includes all related production facilities and workforce, following regulatory approval.

The divestiture of the small-bore pistons division concludes Rheinmetall’s exit from the piston business, which began with the sale of its large-bore piston operations in January 2023. This strategic move is part of Rheinmetall’s broader realignment initiated in 2021, focusing on reducing its dependency on combustion engine-related products and transitioning towards more sustainable technology solutions.

Comitans Capital AG Assumes Full Control

Comitans Capital AG, an investment company with a focus on long-term prospects in the automotive supply industry, is strategically positioned to foster the growth and innovation of Kolbenschmidt Pistons. This acquisition marks a significant expansion of Comitans’ portfolio in the automotive sector.

Under the new ownership, Comitans Capital AG will operate the small-bore pistons division as an independent entity under the established “Kolbenschmidt Pistons” brand. All current management roles, including CEO, CFO, and COO, will remain unchanged, ensuring business continuity. The acquisition encompasses approximately 3,650 employees across six production sites located in Germany, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, the Czech Republic, and Japan, along with two additional facilities in China through a joint venture.

Rheinmetall’s sale of its piston production to Comitans Capital AG not only marks the end of its involvement in this traditional manufacturing sector but also signifies a pivotal step towards its strategic focus on future mobility and defense solutions. As Rheinmetall continues to evolve, the successful handover ensures that Kolbenschmidt Pistons is well-positioned to continue its legacy of innovation and quality under the stewardship of Comitans Capital AG.

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