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Innovative Megawatt Charging System Enters Implementation Phase

Stuttgart, Germany – On Monday, Mercedes-Benz Trucks developers have successfully charged an e-truck at an unprecedented 1,000 kilowatts during a test at their facility in Wörth am Rhein. This marks a pivotal step in the adoption of the new Megawatt Charging System (MCS), set to revolutionize public charging networks along major transport routes.

The test involved the prototype eActros 600, first introduced last year, which underwent charging at a staggering one megawatt of power.

The eActros 600 boasts a high battery capacity of over 600 kilowatt-hours, supporting a range of 500 kilometers on a single charge. This capability allows the truck to potentially exceed 1,000 kilometers daily with intermediate charging during mandatory driver breaks. Such features make the eActros 600 an excellent candidate for long-distance routes, especially those under 500 kilometers which represent about 60% of Mercedes-Benz Trucks’ customer journeys in Europe.

Future-Ready Designs and Sustainable Solutions

Looking ahead, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is focusing on refining the MCS technology for series production, with an anticipated launch for the eActros 600 at the end of 2024. The truck will support both conventional CCS charging up to 400 kW and the new megawatt charging standard. Furthermore, the MCS technology will be retrofittable, ensuring that even prior models can benefit from advancements in charging infrastructure.

Strategic Expansion of Public Charging Infrastructure

The ongoing expansion of the MCS-compatible charging infrastructure is essential for the broader adoption of electric trucks across Europe. By facilitating quicker and more efficient charging processes, MCS will likely play a central role in making electric trucks a practical alternative for long-haul transport, reducing the environmental impact and moving towards a more sustainable freight industry.

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