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  • DFL Executive Committee Unanimously Decides to Halt Marketing Partnership Process
  • DFL Maintains Commitment to 50+1 Rule Amidst Legal and Acceptance Concerns
  • Future Club Discussions Planned to Derive Lessons from the Process

Frankfurt, Germany — In an extraordinary meeting held in Frankfurt am Main Wednesday, the Executive Committee of the Deutsche Fußball Liga (DFL) e.V. unanimously resolved to discontinue the process of concluding a marketing partnership. This decision comes in the wake of insufficient broad acceptance, particularly due to the events surrounding Hannover 96, highlighting the importance of adhering to the 50+1 rule.

The 50+1 rule, a cornerstone of German football governance, ensures that clubs retain majority voting rights, preventing external investors from gaining control. The DFL’s commitment to this rule was unanimously affirmed. The Executive Committee acknowledged the lack of widespread acceptance of the current voting due to the situation with Hannover 96. Overlooking this would undermine the integrity of the 50+1 rule, which the DFL deems crucial to maintain.

Any attempt to reconvene and achieve acceptance through another vote would potentially lead to new legal challenges and disputes. This concern stems from the evaluation of the decision made in December 2023, which was legally effective and unchallenged by any club at that time. The DFL’s priority is to avoid such legal complexities and to ensure a smooth operation of the league.

Consequently, based on the resolution of December 11, 2023, the Executive Committee unanimously decided not to continue or conclude the marketing partnership process. In the coming weeks, the DFL Executive Committee and management will invite club representatives for discussions to collectively review and learn from this process.

Context Paragraph:
The 50+1 rule has been a subject of debate in German football, balancing the interests of commercialization with traditional club governance. The DFL’s decision reflects its commitment to maintaining this balance and addressing the concerns raised by club members and fans alike. The upcoming discussions with club representatives are expected to further clarify the DFL’s stance and future direction regarding partnerships and league governance.

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