Camp Buidl Opens Doors in Denver.Camp Buidl Opens Doors in Denver.
  • Accelerated Learning and Innovation at the Heart of ETHDenver’s Latest Initiative

(Denver, Colorado) — In a groundbreaking move, Camp #BUIDL, powered by Chainlink, has announced its new venture – a free, intensive 6-day bootcamp designed specifically for budding developers in the rapidly evolving Web3 space. Set to commence on February 24th, the program promises a deep dive into the world of blockchain and Ethereum, culminating in a 3-day BUIDLathon ending March 3rd.

As part of ETHDenver’s commitment to fostering innovation and education in the blockchain sector, Camp #BUIDL aims to equip new developers with the essential tools and knowledge necessary to make significant strides in the Web3 arena. This initiative is a clear reflection of ETHDenver’s mission since its inception in 2018 – to establish the Rocky Mountain region and Colorado as a hub for Ethereum and blockchain innovation.

The bootcamp’s curriculum is highly curated, ensuring participants receive the most relevant and impactful learning experience. This is not just a learning opportunity but also a platform for innovation, allowing participants to apply their newfound skills in the BUIDLathon, where they are encouraged to submit completed projects. It’s a testament to ETHDenver’s broader goal of blending technology, decentralization, education, and community to mold the future of the digital world.

ETHDenver, renowned for its #BUIDLathon and Community Innovation Festivals, has consistently championed the convergence of blockchain technology with various facets of society and culture. By empowering the Web3 community through initiatives like Camp #BUIDL, ETHDenver is not only nurturing new talent but also strengthening its role as a leader in blockchain innovation and education.

The announcement of Camp #BUIDL has been met with excitement and anticipation, as it opens doors for those new to the field and strengthens the community’s capacity to drive future innovations. As the Web3 space continues to grow, such initiatives are crucial in ensuring a steady influx of skilled individuals who can contribute to and shape this dynamic industry.

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