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Frankfurt (Nobot) – In his final match at Waldstadion as sitting President of Eintracht Frankfurt, Peter Fischer witnessed a thrilling local derby against Bundesliga club Mainz: World Cup winner Mario Götze, not typically renowned for his heading ability, scored a remarkable header.

The final result: Frankfurt 1:0 Mainz.

“Always, the most important thing for me was that we are family”, Peter Fischer told a fully booked Waldstadion Arena.

This memorable moment marked the culmination of Fischer’s 24-year tenure, the longest in the club’s history. Fischer’s leadership has been pivotal in transforming Eintracht Frankfurt from the “once Diva” to a club radiating success and passion.

As Fischer steps down, he leaves behind a legacy marked by both on-field success and a commitment to the club’s values. The exclusive T-shirt release, featuring Fischer’s notable quotes and a red sneaker design, celebrates this legacy, with proceeds supporting the ‘Initiative 19. Februar‘ in Hanau.

Fischer’s impact extends beyond the pitch, as he has championed social causes and community engagement, cementing his status as a transformative figure in Eintracht Frankfurt’s history.

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