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  • Significant Drop in German Trade with China: A 15.5% Decline in 2023
  • Germany’s trade with the United States saw a slight increase of 1.1%.
  • Netherlands are the Runner-ups

Wiesbaden, Germany — In a remarkable shift in global trade dynamics, Germany’s trade with China experienced a significant downturn in 2023, witnessing a 15.5% decline compared to the previous year. This decrease marks a notable change in the economic interactions between the two nations, which have been among the most robust trading partners in recent years.

The decline in trade with China signals a potential shift in Germany’s international trade strategy and reflects broader global economic trends that are influencing bilateral trade relations. Meanwhile, the slight growth in trade with the United States points to a strengthening economic partnership between Germany and the US.

BASF Friday reported the divestment of its German-Chinese joint ventures.

The Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) continues to monitor these evolving trade patterns, highlighting the changing dynamics in Germany’s international trade relationships. As the global economy continues to adjust to various challenges and opportunities, the trade landscape is expected to witness further transformations.

By Silvia Orfeo

Silvia Orfeo is a Sr. Politics and Economics Reporter at Nobot.News

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