Silver Tower Frankfurt (Stephan Rückert)Silver Tower Frankfurt (Stephan Rückert)
  • Special Issue of the German AnwaltSpiegel Presented in Collaboration with Linklaters, Brunswick Group, and Valantic
  • Comprehensive Legal and Communication Strategies Key to Handling Cybersecurity Incidents

Frankfurt, Germany — Florian Reul, Counsel at Linklaters and the head of Fintech Germany, emphasized the critical importance of cybersecurity for businesses in the digital age during an announcement on Wednesday. “The focus on cybersecurity is central for companies in the digital era. The question is no longer if a company can be a victim of a cyberattack, but rather when it will happen,” Reul stated.

The remarks were made in the context of presenting the latest special edition of the German AnwaltSpiegel, which was published in cooperation with Linklaters, Brunswick Group, and Valantic. This edition addresses the growing challenges and complexities surrounding cybersecurity threats faced by modern businesses.

Reul underlined that with proper preparation, companies are not defenseless against such attacks. The special issue of AnwaltSpiegel covers a wide range of topics, offering valuable insights into different aspects of cybersecurity. It includes discussions on criminal law, employment law, crisis communication, and data protection, providing a comprehensive toolkit for companies to effectively respond to cybersecurity incidents.

The initiative by Linklaters and its partners reflects the increasing need for businesses to be proactive in their cybersecurity strategies. By integrating legal expertise and crisis communication tactics, companies can better safeguard themselves against the ever-evolving threat landscape in the digital world.

Reul’s comments serve as a reminder that in an age where digital threats are inevitable, being prepared is the best defense. The special issue of AnwaltSpiegel acts as a guide, helping businesses navigate through the complexities of cybersecurity and reinforcing the importance of readiness and resilience in the face of potential cyber threats.

By Lisa Luckas

Lisa Luckas is a Sr. Business News Editor at Nobot.News.

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