Tally of Unlock DAOTally of Unlock DAO

(Nowhere, Spain) — Unlock Labs has unveiled EVENTS v3 for events both online and in real life. Itintroduces RSVPs and attendee approvals, empowering organizers to curate their guest list. EVENTS v3 also includes automatically-generated landing pages for events.

With ETHDenver 2024 just around the corner (more on this) Unlock Protocol is bringing events onchain.

The Unlock Protocol DAO, governed by its native token UDT, is witnessing a surge in activity with its members actively discussing and voting on pivotal proposals for 2024. The current focus revolves around protocol upgrades, retroactive funding, and grants, highlighting the DAO’s dedication to innovation and community-driven governance.

“Across the DAO, there are currently three active on-chain proposals, and our community’s engagement in these discussions is vital for our growth and development,” the most recent Unlock Protocol Newsletter said. It should show the enthusiasm within the Unlock community.

The essence of these activities is the DAO’s commitment to an inclusive and transparent governance process. Weekly Town Hall calls, along with the ongoing conversations on Discord, are pivotal in fostering a collaborative environment where every UDT holder’s voice contributes to the protocol’s evolution.

As 2024 unfolds, Unlock Protocol’s DAO is poised to strengthen its position in the decentralized space, driven by robust community engagement and forward-thinking proposals.

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