Ethereum Name Service partners with GoDaddy - coindeskEthereum Name Service partners with GoDaddy - coindesk
  • Web3 Gains Momentum as ENS Joins Forces with Internet Domain Giant GoDaddy

(New York, USA) — In a significant move bridging blockchain technology with conventional internet domains, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has teamed up with GoDaddy, the largest internet domain registry. This collaboration enables users to link their internet domains to their ENS addresses at no additional cost.

ENS is organized as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), which is governed by the $ENS token. The token pumped to a top of $19.27 on the news, but retracted some of its gains, according to coingecko. Some DAO members fear that GoDaddy may now accumulate $ENS to dominate the DAO governance through majority decisions.

To ensure a streamlined experience for its users, GoDaddy has added a new section within its domain management interface. Here, customers can easily associate an Ethereum address with their domain names, allowing seamless integration with hundreds of applications across the web3 ecosystem. The process is simple and user-friendly, requiring no additional costs or technical expertise.
(ENS press release on how the collaboration bridges Web2 and Web3)

Nick Johnson, the founder of ENS, shared insights with CoinDesk on Monday, highlighting the potential of this partnership. The integration signifies a major step in Web3 adoption by mainstream companies, especially noteworthy given the recent slowdown during the bear market. Johnson illustrated the ease and practicality of this new feature by referencing Beyonce’s ownership of the domain With this integration, such a domain can now serve as a wallet identifier, streamlining Web3 interactions for users.

The primary focus of this integration is on Ethereum addresses. However, ENS and GoDaddy have broader ambitions. Johnson envisions the possibility of extending this feature to support addresses across various chains. The aim is to transform standard internet domains like .xyz or .com into comprehensive Web3 profiles, encompassing multiple blockchain networks.

This development marks a pivotal moment in the convergence of blockchain technology with traditional internet infrastructures, potentially accelerating the adoption and accessibility of Web3 functionalities.

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