ECB wants to focus on green transition.ECB wants to focus on green transition.

The European Central Bank (ECB) is increasing its focus on climate-related risks and the green transition. The ECB will review its climate actions regularly and has identified three focus areas for 2024 and 2025: the implications of the green transition, the physical impact of climate change, and nature-related risks for the economy and financial system.

“A hotter climate and the degradation of natural capital are forcing change in our economy and financial system. We must understand and keep up with this change to continue to fulfil our mandate”, said ECB President Christine Lagarde. “By broadening and intensifying our efforts we can better understand the implications of these changes and, in doing so, help to underpin stability and support the green transition of the economy and the financial system.”

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ECB Commits to Green Economy”

The ECB said Tuesday it is committed to actively accelerate the transition to a green economy. In a significant policy shift, the ECB will be intensifying its focus on the effects of transition funding, the needs for green investments, and the formulation of effective transition plans. This initiative is aimed at understanding and facilitating the green transition’s impact on various economic aspects, including labor, productivity, and growth.

The ECB’s efforts in this direction will also play a crucial role in informing its macroeconomic modeling framework. This indicates a substantial integration of green economic factors into the core of ECB’s economic analysis and forecasting.

Moreover, the ECB is set to explore, within its mandate, potential modifications to its monetary policy instruments and portfolios to support this green transition. This exploration reflects the ECB’s recognition of the importance of aligning monetary policy with environmental objectives, marking a pivotal moment in the integration of sustainability into central banking practices.

The ECB’s announcement signals a proactive approach towards environmental concerns, positioning the institution as a key player in the global shift towards sustainable economic practices. This move is expected to have far-reaching implications for the European economy, setting a precedent for other central banks around the world.

By Silvia Orfeo

Silvia Orfeo is a Sr. Politics and Economics Reporter at Nobot.News

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