Eintracht Frankfurt E-Sports Academy.Eintracht Frankfurt E-Sports Academy.

Eintracht Frankfurt has become the first German football club to enter the world of esports by joining VALORANT. The club has been expanding its esports activities since 2018, starting with virtual football and later entering League of Legends. They have focused on sustainable development and grassroots initiatives, while also achieving success in virtual football and establishing a League of Legends team.

“Our focus has always been on sustainable development in a grassroots approach via our own esports training center. Successes such as winning the German individual championship in virtual football last season and the establishment of our League of Legends team in the First Division of the Prime League underlined our ambitions at the highest level, without losing the focus on supporting regional players, our community and esports fan base”, EintrachtTech CEO Timm Jäger said Wednesday on LinkedIN.

The club sees VALORANT as an opportunity to promote diversity and positively impact young people in Germany. They plan to organize educational events and workshops on responsible gaming.

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