Formula E and DHL Extend PartnershipFormula E and DHL Extend Partnership

New Agreement to Establish Fast-Charging Stations Across Germany

Bonn, Germany – This Thursday, DHL Group announced that they have entered into a partnership with energy provider E.ON to significantly expand the charging infrastructure for electric trucks. Under the framework agreement, E.ON will establish fast-charging infrastructure at various DHL Group locations in Germany. This initiative marks a crucial step towards fleet electrification and the decarbonization of logistics transportation, focusing on adopting alternative propulsion systems for heavy commercial vehicles.

The contract encompasses the planning and construction of fast-charging and transformer stations at DHL distribution centers. E.ON will handle the installation, load management, and operation of these facilities. Charging and billing concepts are specifically optimized for electric trucks, with charging stations strategically located at loading docks and outdoor parking spaces within operating yards. E.ON will develop special solutions, including traverse systems with overhead cable guidance, to facilitate seamless charging in tight spaces.

Access for DHL Service Partners

DHL service partners, such as fleet operators and transportation companies, will also benefit from the new charging infrastructure. This move is part of DHL Group’s sustainability strategy, which aims to offer climate protection products and solutions to optimize customers’ supply chains. The goal is to minimize emissions, reduce waste, and mitigate other negative environmental impacts.

Commitment to Sustainability and Emission Reduction

As part of its Strategy 2025, DHL Group aims to reduce logistics-related greenhouse gas emissions to below 29 million tons of CO2e by 2030, in alignment with the Science Based Targets Initiative. Various measures, including the use of sustainable aviation fuels, operating carbon-neutral buildings, expanding the green product portfolio, and electrifying the vehicle fleet, contribute to this climate-friendly logistics chain. Currently, DHL Group operates 35 e-trucks in Germany and more than 35,200 electric vehicles for pickup and delivery. By 2030, the company aims for electric vehicles to constitute 60% of its fleet in this sector.

This partnership with E.ON underscores DHL Group’s commitment to advancing sustainable logistics and reducing its carbon footprint. The expanded charging infrastructure will support the growing fleet of electric trucks, contributing to the broader goal of achieving significant emission reductions in the logistics industry.

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